Google tries to run all algorithms on a global scale

Jan 31

At the moment Google is trying to make all algorithms running directly on a global scale. This was stated by an employee Garry Illyes in Twitter.
"We are working hard to make it working simultaneously for everyone," - said Illyes.
Before Google was rolling out some algorithms only in selected regions and then extended to other countries. For instance, Panda filter was first launched in English-speaking regions, and then spread all over the world. This strategy has been due to the fact that Panda analyzes page content; therefore, it took some time to make it supported by several languages. Penguin though was launched on a global scale at once. This algorithm evaluates links and language works on a sideline.

Twitter changed the Moments section to Explore

Jan 31

Twitter announced the launch of a new section named Explore that took the place of Moments one.
The new universal profile will combine popular trends, highlights, assemblies and search in one tab.
The company believes that by using Explore it will be handy for users to find interesting content.
The update is already available in Twitter for iOS. For Android, it will appear in the coming weeks. The regions that cover the new update is not specified yet in the company.
We should recall that the "Moments" service was launched in October 2015. It contains a selection of recent events, which are available to all users, regardless of who they are signed for. One can switch to the tab by clicking on the icon with the image of lightning in the tweet.
In September 2016 Twitter made Moments available for everyone.
Explore tab Testing started in October 2016.

Microsoft reports a rise in quarterly profit that reaches $ 5.2 billion

Jan 31

Microsoft has published the results for the second quarter 2017 fiscal year. In the reporting period the company's revenue has increased by 1.2%, i.e. up to $ 24.09 billion in annual comparison. Net profit has increased by 3.6% to $ 5.2 billion.
On December 8, 2016 Microsoft closed a deal to buy LinkedIn. In the second quarter the social network brought them $ 228 million revenue. LinkedIn net loss reached $ 100 million.
In Microsoft's financial results report LinkedIn is assigned to the Productivity and Business branch. Total revenue in this segment increased to $ 7.4 billion, which is 10% more than the year before.
Microsoft's revenue in the Intelligent Cloud segment has increased by 8%, i.e. up to $ 6.9 billion; More Personal Computing segment was decreased by 5%, i.e. $ 11.8 billion.
In the second quarter, the company returned $ 6.5 billion to shareholders in shares and dividends.
We should recall that Microsoft announced its decision to acquire the social network LinkedIn in June 2016. The cost of the transaction was priced $ 26.2 billion.
Since June the company worked on integration plan. According to the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, the main priority for the corporation is to increase growth rates from LinkedIn.

About 40 foreign IT-companies in Russia are to pay Google tax

Jan 31

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) has set a register for Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, FC Chelsea, Netflix and 12 companies to pay the so-called Google tax; VAT rate for electronic services and products from Internet sales by foreign companies for Russian customers.
This information was reported by "Interfax" referring to the statement said by the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustina while meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev:
“The law on the taxation of electronic services provided by foreign companies, including those related to the delivery of any content: games, relevant electronic services delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation entered into effect on the 1st of January. At the moment Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Chelsea, Netflix are set on the register”.
Currently there are 39 companies listed for register submission including those mentioned above: Wargaming, Market Limited, Nintendo, Paddle Payments Limited, Innova Co S.a r.l., KNIGOLUB LTD, Ten Square Games Sp. z o.o., Valve Corporation, Avangate BV, Digital River Ireland Limited, Digital River GmbH, DR MyCommerce Ireland Limited.
According to the head of the Federal Tax Service, next week is expected the application from Amazon Group. The registration deadline is set by January, 31.
We should remind you that the law on the introduction of VAT on the sale of e-services, the so-called “Google tax”, was signed by the Russian president on July 4, 2016. The Act came into force on the 1st of January, 2017 and now foreign IT-companies have to pay 18% VAT in Russia.
In July last year the Federal Tax Service developed a "VAT office Internet company" portal with which foreign IT-companies can pay "Google tax" on a remote distance. Service started its functioning from January 1, 2017.
"We made it the form of an electronic service. You can check online, test whether your company needs to submit the corresponding application and a special declaration for payment of value added tax electronic services (in case those are provided). This service is done in English. At the moment everything goes smoothly, and it is important that the activities of large companies that have never paid the value added tax in the territory of Russia are in conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation ", - said the head of the Federal Tax Service.

Google Chrome started warning about HTTP-pages unsafety

Jan 31

Google has released the 56th version of the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. From now on the pages that save passwords or data credit card users without HTTPS protocol will be marked in it as unsafe.
From the previous version Chrome browser started marking HTTPS addresses as "Safe" on the left side of the URL. HTTP resources were marked with a neutral icon. In the current version developers have added a gray “unsafe” icon for the HTTP-pages that contain fields for entering a password or credit card numbers.
Chrome plans to tag all HTTP websites as unsafe in the near future. The long term goal is to increase Internet security by transferring all websites onto the HTTPS protocol.
Among other innovations introduced in Chrome version 56 are as follows: speed increase when reloading the pages by 28%, adding support for Web Bluetooth API on Android, Chrome OS, and the Mac, and other changes.
The fact that Google Chrome will begin to tag all the HTTP-sites that transmit users' personal data, as unsafe, became public in September 2016.
In December Google started informing foreign webmasters in Search Console of gathering passwords from unprotected connections will be displayed by warnings as soon as you enter the website.
Google started sending such notifications to Russian websites through Search Console from January, 20 this year.

Twitter started tagging confirmed accounts in the newswire

Jan 14

English-speaking users have noticed that Twitter started tagging confirmed accounts in the news. Previously, this information was only displayed in the user’s profile.
The innovation has the following appearance:
The social network has confirmed that this feature is now being launched. According to industry experts, this change will allow users to filter out phishing web news.
Among the latest innovations within the service one can also find the switching to rank search results by relevance, and not by date of publication.
Twitter tested important news alerts in December.

John Mueller: generally Google does not index all the URL on the site map

Jan 14

Non-indexed pages in the site map is a normal practice for Google. This was stated by the Search representative John Mueller during the last meeting for webmasters.
"In Search Console we inform you about how many URL has been indexed, but do not indicate the specific pages. For the most part, this is not an issue to worry about. It is absolutely normal not to index all URL that we can find…
What is more important to be watched at is indexing important pages on the site, which should provide it the traffic," - said Googler.
As noted by Jennifer Slegg of The Sem Post, most of the pages are filtered because of duplicates or very similar content. In such cases it is necessary to consider the need to use the attribute rel = canonical.
If you are the owner of a large website and trying to figure out why Google does not index many pages, divide the map of the site to isolate the problem. For example, dividing the types of goods or pages. This approach often helps to identify which parts of a website are not indexed by Google, find the problem and solve it.

Turkey is on the point of leaving Google and Gmail

Jan 14

Turkey is now working on launching its own search engine and e-mail services that are compatible with national culture and values. This information was announced by the country's Communications Minister, Ahmet Arslan, who was interviewed to NTV television channel, reports Turkey Blocks.
The official emphasized the urgency of this problem. According to him, the user data should be stored within Turkey to allow a full analysis of communication within the country. Details of the plan, such as the name of the new services, their branding and organizational structure are still mute.
Arslan also added that the decision to create their own services was made after the debate on the reliability of Gmail mailer service that hacked the personal correspondence of the Turkish President.

Google starts showing smart phones with location extensions

Jan 14

Starting from January 19, 2017 Google AdWords will show the telephone numbers of branches in the ads within "Address" extension. It is reported by Search Engine Land, with reference to a letter sent to advertisers in the United States.
AdWords reports that this change starts in test mode and does not affect all messages with addresses.
Local phone will be displayed even if the ads are showing "phone numbers" extension with another number. The innovation is intended to improve the relevance of ads that specify address specific branches or outlets of the company.
Advertisers who use the extension addresses are advised to verify the phone numbers for all of its branches or outlets on Google My Business.
One will be able to disable this new feature through the form. However, Google warns that it would negatively affect the ad impressions and, as a result, phone calls.
It is not specified whether this innovation will be tested outside the United States.

Google generates different reports on the links for large and small websites

Jan 14

As Google has repeatedly said that the report on inbound links in the Search Console is a URL sample rather than a complete list. Recently, the Search rep John Mueller said that this report is formed in different ways when considering small and large websites.
So, it shows almost all references for small resources, whereas it gives just a sample for all large ones.
"We have no strict rules as to what information to share. In fact, this report is a sample of links. For the small websites it is likely that almost all links will be received, while the larger resources provides only a selection of the most relevant sources", - said Googler.
Mueller was also asked to clarify what he meant by saying "smaller sites," but he did not give a clear answer to this question:
"I do not know where we could make that line. We are talking about a limited storage available for reference in the Search Console. Therefore, at some point we begin to cut it off [means the redundant data]. "
Those webmasters who control different size websites, the differences are likely to be apparent. Those professionals who run only small websites should notice a change in our reports on the growth of its resources and the number of incoming links.
Earlier it was reported that the update on the Search Console infrastructure could temporarily affect the data of "Links to your site" report.

Google updates new recommendations to website transfer

Dec 05

Google has updated recommendations for those webmasters that transfer your website to a new domain, HTTPS protocol, or a new URL structure.
The updated document now has got a new subsection, which states, when it is better to carry out a partial transfer and when the whole URL:
"Think about the options you would prefer to get your webpage transferred.
• If you website is of small or medium size, we recommend that you transfer the whole URL. In this case, the users will not have problems using the website, whereas for Google robots it will be easier to detect the transfer and index the entire web page.
• If you have a large website, try to move it in parts. This way it will be easier to identify and troubleshoot possible issues."
This question was often called by webmasters, especially with the large websites. Now it has got a formal response by Google.
It is noteworthy that the medium-sized websites it is recommended to do the entire URL transfer. But the concept of "medium" is so much relative and the company has not specified the exact details yet.

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