Image Gallery: Santander ny

Banco Santander Building, New York City | 115637 | EMPORIS

Santander Profit Rises 38% as Loan Losses Decline - The New York Times

Santander Bank - Wikipedia

45 East 53rd Street | Santander | Midtown Office Market

New York - Spanish Bank Said to Be Close to Buying Sovereign Bancorp

Banco Santander Building, New York City | 115637 | EMPORIS

A Branch Of Santander Bank, Formerly Sovereign Bank, In Herald ...

Santander Bank | 169 7th Avenue,Manhattan,NY | Personal & Business ...

Preservationist talk at WNYC's Greene Space

Banco Santander owned bank changes name | Richard Levine

Santander Bank New York City Editorial Stock Image - Image: 63033304

Banco Santander Building, New York City | 115637 | EMPORIS

Santander Bank | 1350 Broadway,Manhattan,NY | Personal & Business ...

A Branch Of Santander Bank, Formerly Sovereign Bank, In Herald ...

Santander Bank | 45 East 53rd Street,New York,NY | Personal ...

Santander Bank | 336 Broadway,New York,NY | Personal & Business ...

Santander Bank Editorial Image - Image: 37751745

Santander Bank | 1350 Broadway,Manhattan,NY | Personal & Business ...

Santander | NY - palodantas

Banco Santander Profit Jumps 52% Amid Recovery in Spain - The New ...

SEO Recommendations

European Court introduces a new criterion of legality of the links

The European court has introduced a new criterion for the legality of links to the copyright material, which is the absence of profit.
From now on adding the website links to illegally published materials, which are protected by copyright, is no longer a violation in the case if the owner of the resource does not get any profit of the resource. Before they could justify the writer, unless he knew that the image to other resources were deployed in circumvention of the law. That is, if his actions were not deliberate and did not have a hidden intention.
The corresponding decision was accepted by Playboy’s lawsuit against the Dutch website GeenStijl. The latter was accused of publication of the links to an Australian website that posted posted pictures of Britt Decker, the TV showman without having any permission to do that.
The lawsuit was filed to the court when GeenStijl refused to delete references to images belonging to Playboy. Initially the case was heard in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Then it was passed to the European Court.

Instagram became the largest advertiser among the apps in Facebook

Instagram is the largest advertiser on Facebook's mobile app category. This information was reported by AdAge citing a new Sensor Tower report.
The photoservice accounts 5% of advertising the applications setup in the social network. Previously, Instagram was in the top 10, but in the III quarter it took the prior position among advertisers in this category.
"Apparently, it seems like they will not stop advertising campaigns to attract new users", - said Sensor Tower Product management director, Wes McCabe.
Since 2013, Instagram audience has grown from 100 million to 500 million active users per month. Particularly thanks to promotion on Facebook.
According to AdAge, Facebook does not allow advertisements to buy Twitter. The social network policy prohibits posting competitor’s advertising.
Facebook spokesman rejected this fact, but he also stressed out that the company reserves the right to reject, approve or remove any ad without giving a reason. We should recall that since 2012 Instagram belongs to Facebook.

Google works on narrowing the fake news given in the search results

Google is working on improving the algorithm, where the block "Breaking News" in the search results is based. The company's goal is to promote better news resources and deleting phishing web news.
Earlier this month, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, was interviewed by BBC and he told that the search engine aims to reduce the probability of dissemination of untrue news to zero.
About two years ago Google made an access to the block of the main news for all publishers, not just Google News sources. As a result, the publications of Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Hacker News, and low quality content blog started appearing in the search results. After starting the AMP the access became even easier since these websites are adopting the new format so fast, therefore more and more news appear in the search results.
Although the websites are approved by Google News, they quite often publish low quality content, that do not meet certain criteria. At the same time the "Breaking News" block does not require any criteria.
We should remind you that in October Google News began to mark the checked articles.

Seo Facts #78

90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases. (Source: Google)

Seo Facts #108

72% of consumers chose email when asked, “In which of the following ways, if any, would you prefer companies to communicate with you?” according to MarketingSherpa. Postal mail was a distant second with 48% of respondents. (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

Seo Facts #187

Apple’s share is down from 79.6% on last year’s holiday weekend 2014, while Android’s share is up from 19.7%. (Source: Custora)

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