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G-string & Thong - Main Differences and Similarities.

One Pure Silk Knit Women Micro G-String Thong - Thong - Underwear ...

Laura Women's G-String Thong Adjusts to Your Fit See Through Lace ...

Aesthetic Official | Women's Microfiber G-string Thong with Lace ...

Laura Women's G-String Thong Adjusts to Your Fit See Through Lace ...

Marie Jo Avero G-String Thong Style 0600413

Buy Urbaano Micro Brazilo Bridal G-string Thong - 5205t (eco Pack ...

Men's Underwear brief shorts G-string Thong MU109

Tear Drop G String Thong Roma Costume B112 | eBay

3-Pack Invisible G-String Thong Style Panty | Leonisa

G-string & Thong - Main Differences and Similarities.

Salome Strapless G-String Thong Girdle 0212 - Snatch My Waist

A VISUAL GUIDE TO FASHION / LINGERIE : G STRING OR THONG : Buy DuPont Fabric VS Secret G string G String ...

Very Sexy Embroidered G-string/Thong Panties with Red Embroidery ...

Lace G-String with Leg Wraps < Thongs < Panties < Y... - Polyvore

ultra SKIMPY sexy ROMA teardrop G-STRING thong PANTY panties ...


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Electric Pink G String Thong Pantys and wide range of Unique ...

SEO Recommendations

Google launches mobile-first index testing

Google starts testing mobile-first index. It means that in the near future, the search algorithms will be primarily assessed by the relevance of a mobile version of the page and alternatively by the desktop. This information was published in the company's blog.
Today more and more people are searching through mobile devices. However, Google's ranking system continues evaluating the relevance of the desktop version of the page.
In order to make the search results more useful Google started testing mobile-first index. Although the search index will remain united, eventually Google's ranking algorithms will primarily evaluate the mobile version of the page.
In the coming months Google will experiment the updated index with some users. Having finished the testing, the system will be launched around the world.
Despite the fact that the process of transition to mobile-first index is only on its way to be introduced to the public, Google has prepared several recommendations for the webmasters:
• If your website is configured as an adaptive or dynamic display design, in which the main content and layout are identical for both mobile and desktop devices, no changes to be applied in this case
• If a website configuration requires different content for mobile and desktop devices, it is necessary to perform the following changes:
o Make sure that the structured markup is used in mobile and desktop website version.
o Check the equivalence of micro markup on both desktop and mobile version using the structured Google data testing tool.
o By adding structured data on the mobile website, you should avoid including a large number of micro markup, which is not relevant to a specific content of each document.
o Use a robots.txt file verification tool to verify that the mobile version of the site is accessible to Googlebot.
o It is not necessary to apply changes to the canonical URL. Google will keep considering these attributes to display matching results to mobile and desktop users.
• If you have confirmed only the desktop version of the website in the Search Console, you should also add the mobile resource version.
• If you have only got a desktop website, Google will go on indexing it, even if the mobile user agent is used to view the resource.
• You should keep in mind that when creating a mobile version a functional, focused on desktop website is much better than an incomplete or non-mobile version. Please launch the mobile version only when it is completely ready to use.

As it was already stated earlier Google will launch a separate mobile code and make it the primary in the coming months. Now it turned out that the index will remain the same for all types of documents.

Google has improved the "Security Issues" report in the Search Console

Google has updated the "Security Issues" report in the Search Console. It provides more information on the problems detected by Safe Browsing technology.
The technology defines the following types of problems: malware, fraudulent pages (social engineering), malicious downloads and unwanted downloads.
From now on it provides the following information: description of the problem, recommendations for its elimination and URL examples, through which the webmaster will be able to find the source of the issue.

Google launches App Maker service

Google has introduced App Maker, which is a new service for creating applications that mostly focuses on corporate clients. The company is now accepting applications for early access to the tool from different enterprises that are using paid version of the G Suite.
The new service allows you to build applications by dragging and insert different widgets within the user interface. Then you can customize the application using scripts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. After starting the application you can track its functioning through Google Analytics.
App Maker is aimed at the professionals who are not application developers.
"We are mostly targeted at corporate developers who create a variety of solutions within their own company, but do not possess enough knowledge, that the mobile applications developers have," - says Google Product manager, Agee Surya.
Applications created with the help of App Maker, operate on the basis of the same infrastructure as Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive.
The data that is generated within the application can be stored in the new Google Drive Tables service, which is managed by a structured Google Drive database.
App Maker users will be able to integrate their applications with Google with a number of services, including Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Groups, Translator, Maps, Google Sites, Tables and Google BigQuery.

Seo Facts #165

There are 7.1 billion mobile subscribers globally as of November 2015.  (Source: TechCrunch)

Seo Facts #71

77% of mobile searches are made where a desktop PC is available. (Source: Google & Nielsen)

Seo Facts #176

The share of transactions made on mobile phones during the 2015 holiday shopping season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31) climbed from 14% in 2014 up to nearly 19.9%% in 2015.  (Source: Custora)

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