Image Gallery: Noon Sky

Noon sky by Yupa on DeviantArt

High Noon In The Sky... by redkicks on DeviantArt Photo Gallery: Noon sky Image

noon sky Gallery

Noon sky | shazan zahir | Flickr

Noon Sky Wallpaper by Cosiman on DeviantArt

The Noon Sky | now i know how people get such nice pictures … | Flickr

noon sky Gallery

Noon Sky | Noon Sky with bright sun and clouds. View on blac ...

sky 10 am Gallery

after noon sky at the roof top by kuryusai on DeviantArt

After noon Sky | Prasanth Chandran | Flickr

Panoramio - Photo of NOON - Cloudy Sky- Rosarito Beach, Mx.-11/8/12

Noon Sky by NaneeViolence on DeviantArt

Noon Sky In High Resolution. Panoramic Shot. Stock Photo 83139649 ...

Cloudy Noon | Pragya's

Blue Noon Sky download - CFGFactory Photo Gallery: Clear, blue sky at Noon on the 4th ... Photo Gallery: Noon sky Image

Noon Sky Images & Stock Pictures. Royalty Free Noon Sky Photos And ...

SEO Recommendations

Facebook extends the Audience Network coverage for Digital TV

Facebook starts testing video ads sales on Apple TV and Roku sets in Audience Network this week.
"We want to test the way to the best video ads delivery across Audience Network users connected to the Internet TV devices. Our goal is to provide relevant ads to both Facebook and Social Networks users", the company comments.
Testing will be held with a limited scale.
We should also remind you that early this year Facebook Audience Network has expanded ad views on the mobile Internet. Previously, he was made only in the annexes.
In May advertisers were able to target non-Facebook users, but who visits the websites and applications included to the FAN.

You can now disable the automatic extension in AdWords

Google AdWords interface added a feature that turns off unnecessary automatic extensions.
Please follow the instructions below to enable the feature:
• Sign in your AdWords account.
• Click the "Ad Extensions" tab.
• In the drop-down menu on the left above the table, select the report named "Automatic extension."
• Click "Automatic extensions options (optional)."
• Next to "Show all automatic extensions for this account” click "Edit."
• Select "Do not use separate automatic extensions for this account."
• Select the check boxes next to the required types of automatic extensions. • Click the "Save" button.

It should be also mentioned that Google has introduced the extensions to messages. Using this feature, you can create ads by SMS-click option. With these extensions, advertisers will need use tools to receive, process and send SMS.

AdSense releases a new interface

Google AdSense announced that all users of the service will be automatically transferred to the new interface within a couple of days. There will still be an option to transfer back to the previous UI version. However, in early 2017 it will be already disabled.
Google introduced AdSense updated interface last month. Initially it was optional. From now on it is set up by default.
Among the major changes is a completely redesigned home page and improved navigation.
According to the company, more than a half the AdSense active users decided to transfer to the new UI version and about 90% are still keep using it.

Seo Facts #53

February 2015 polling by Econsultancy showed that 73% of in-house marketers and 76% of US agencies said SEO provided excellent or good return on investment (ROI). (Source: eMarketer)

Seo Facts #172

The 2015 holiday shopping season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31) was a strong one for US e-commerce retailers with revenue up 12.1% over the same period in 2014.  (Source: Custora)

Seo Facts #22

The average user spends up to three hours a day on a mobile device. (2016)

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