Google releases new advertisement icons

Feb 27

Google began launching a new version of advertising icons in AdWord. Now they will be appear in the green box:
Americans were the first to recognize the change. Google confirmed the launch and added that the new feature will be realized on a major scale.
"We regularly test the possible improvements in the design of the search results page. After testing the advertising icons, we decided to stop at this version. The new icon is more visible. As a result, the readability of the search results page is improved and advertising is clearly identified this way"- comments the company’s Search Engine Land spokesman.
It should be recalled that Google began testing the promotional icons in January. At the same time, the company also tested black and orange markings.
In the summer 2016 Google changed the color of advertising icons from yellow to green.

Google decides when to launch mobile-first index

Feb 23

Google is still considering the exact date for mobile-first index launch. This information was reported by Google Search rep, Garry Illyes at the Friends of Search Conference.
He also added that the preparations for the launch may take several months more than it was previously planned.
We should also remind that Google started testing mobile-first index in November 2016. This means that the search algorithms will primarily assess the relevance of a mobile version of the page in the nearest future.
It is noteworthy that the mobile-first Google will not measure speed loading of the pages; neither will it consider this factor in the rankings. At least at the startup.
If the website faces a problem after the transition to a new type of indexing, Google will warn you via Search Console.

Search Console updated the report about scanning application errors

Feb 16

Google has updated report about scanning application errros in the Search Console. This was reported on Data Anomalies page in the Help Center section.
The updated report contains a more precise data on the number of pages with URI. As Google informs that from now on the owners of the application will receive correct information on the number of indexed pages.
The updated statistics became available from 23 January 2017.
English-speaking webmasters noticed that after the update number of indexed URL in the report has been increased. This error pages also were pulled up in quantity.
Therefore, the Search Engine Roundtable application had about 5600 indexed URLs and no errors, but after the update the number went up to 7084 and 578 respectively.

Google Maps brings in a feature of saving favorite locations

Feb 16

Google Maps application for Android and iOS have now got an opportunity to create a list of places, send them to other users and keep up with people whom you trust.
By clicking on the place you are interested in, and then clicking "Save" you make the chosen location in one of the existing lists, such as "Places of Interest" or "Favorites". You can also come up with your own list name. You can get back to the previously made lists through "Your places of interest" (in the sidebar), in the tab "Saved." The icons of your saved places will appear on the map.
You can easily send your places of interest via SMS, e-mail, social networks or popular instant messengers. Here's how it works:
All created collections, as well as subscribed ones will remain on Google Maps, no matter where it is. They can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices and even offline.
"Google Maps has got millions places of interest, restaurants and other interesting locations, so you will definitely have enough for yourself and have a lot more to explore. We have put the whole world on a single map, and now it's time for you to point out your own world starting from fashion city outlets to the places of your dream", - reports Google blog.

Google Analytics launches new interface for all users

Feb 16

Google Analytics launches new interface for all users. The information was reported by Search Engine Roundtable.
The redesign was announced in October 2016 and it was intended to simplify the interface of the service while maintaining a frequently used functionality.
Initially it was reported that the new UI will be launched within a few weeks after the announcement. But at that moment only a certain group of people could access it.

Google preferred to keep a secret on the possible update of the search algorithm

Feb 16

Foreign webmasters noticed some signs of Google's search algorithm update last week. It is assumed that the update was released on the 7th of February.
Apparently, the was a major update. Many webmasters have seen significant changes in the positions of their resources: both bad and good sides.
According to Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land, this update is unlikely to have something to do with updating algorithms to fight against link spamming. In this case it is likely that it has to do with Panda.
The SERP monitoring tools, such as Mozcast, RankRanger, Accuranker and others also make an indication that the update took place on February, 7.
Google did not confirm the update and declined to comment any webmasters' comments.

Google brings Emoji back to the search results?

Feb 16

English-speaking users have noticed that Google SERP brought Emoji back.
The tests showed that the Russian-language search results also have Emoji
We should remind you that in 2015, Search rep John Mueller said that Google will no longer show the Emoji characters within the snippet titles. He also said that soon the Emoji will completely disappear from search results, and webmasters advised not to waste time adding them to the website.

Google omits scanning 404 pages’ content

Feb 10

Google is not scanning the content of the page, if it sees that the server returns 404 error. This information was reported by John Mueller during the last video meeting with webmasters. Therefore, filling the content of the page in terms of search engine optimization (not UX) does not make much sense doing that.
"If we see a 404 error, we do not look at the content. We do explore what appears on pages with 404 error, "- explained Mueller.
Custom 404 pages are undoubtedly useful. They help to keep visitors by redirecting them to other pages on your website. However, some webmasters use them for search engine optimization.
According to Google's guide for assessors, assessing the quality of the search results users must see what the page 404 content is and how useful it may be. Therefore, some webmasters use page 404 to improve the quality of the source. Now, however, it became clear that this option is not so important for the search engine, as everybody thought previously.
Again, in terms of UX quality 404 pages are important because they allow keeping visitors on the website and helping them find useful information. But what it is in these pages, Google does not look into them at all.

"Pixel tools" introduced parsing tips in Google

Feb 10

"Pixel Plus" team has reported the launch of a new free tool in the "Pixel Tools", which represent parsing tips in the Google search results. Parsing search tips allows you to make up to 20,000 phrases and multiply expand the semantic core in just one click.
It customizes the following:
• Query List
• The depth of parsing for iterative collection
• Search engine (RU, COM, UA, BY, KZ)
• Available functions: tips collection with and without space after each phrase with Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, with over numbers after phrase
• Words-exceptions: Specifies words that should not be in the final nucleus (they are just removed and analyzed)
All the parsing results are saved and stored in CSV-file format in the “Pixel Tools”. Recently collected data can be also either downloaded or analyzed through the web interface.
We should remind that, the new version of the "Pixel Tools" service with significantly enhanced functionality was launched in October 2016. In January 2017 "Pixel Tools" introduced free Yandex search parsing tips.

Google AdSense launches new tools for ad blocking

Feb 09

Google AdSense shared information that blocking certain ad categories and subcategories is now available to all publishers. So they will be able to control what kind of ads appear on their websites.
Also, the service reps reported that the number of categories and sub-categories has been increased from 250 to 470. Adding new subcategories will allow publishers block the undesired ads more thoroughly.
For instance, instead of disabling the "Accessories" category you can choose between the subcategories of "Sunglasses", "Bags" or "Watches".
At the moment along with English, blocking ad service also available in Russian Polish, Simplified Chinese, Turkish and Dutch.

Google reveals the security technologies it is using

Feb 09

Google shared some advices with its users regarding the personal data protection in the network. The company described the principles of operation of their systems that take care of the security services and other aspects.
How to outwit fraudsters and protect your Google Account?
Very often, users receive messages from their friends and family. However, such messages may appear to be part of phishing activity.
Google came up with a lot of high-tech methods on how to protect Gmail. The company secretly analyzes thousands of signs: who is the receiver, message content, how often this person texted to you and others.
However, if the scammers still got the user's login and password, do not despair since your account stays protected. Google not only checks the validity of the password, but also looks at a lot of small details. This makes it possible to detect suspicious behavior.
Security is not only provided by Google
With the function "Safe Browsing» Google warns users about the dangers of visiting these or those resources. Safe Browsing analyzes Internet resources almost the same way as the search engine, and find dangerous and inappropriate content. Google shows tens of millions of alerts every week for more than two billion devices in different browsers.
A special tool has been developed for Android devices on the basis of our Safe Browsing technology. It analyzes the applications on the network and alerts the user of the danger even before they have set themselves the service. An additional method of protection is by Application Testing that works directly on the Android device. It checks for more than 6 billion apps and 400 million devices every day.

Google introduced Cloud Search, which a search engine for G Suite clients

Feb 09

Google has introduced a new Cloud Search service, which allows you to quickly find the right information in the corporate domain G Suite. By using it, you can perform a search on Google Drive, in Gmail, Docs, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, and other services.
Initially Cloud Search was called Springboard and was available in preview mode for a limited number of G Suite customers. Starting from February 14, 2017, they will be able to take advantage for all the corporate users.
Google Cloud Search is designed to be used in large companies, and allows you to quickly find desired documents, contacts, appointment information. While viewing contact details, users can click to go to the making up of an email, make a phone call or contact that person through a Hangout.
Just as Google Now, Cloud Search provides information in the form of cards, regardless of where it is used either on a PC or a phone. Through machine learning algorithms, the service will first bring the information that may be of most interest to a particular user. Through the cards, it will remind about the upcoming meeting, will display last open files and other information.
Cloud Search is launched for all companies that use G Suite Business and Enterprise. Google promised to add more features to the service in the future, and plans to integrate it with third-party applications. owner bought searchers Cheapflights and Momondo

Feb 09

The American company Priceline Group ( owner), acquired British Momondo Group. The total cost was evaluated at $ 550 million, according to Venture Beat.
Momondo Group owns popular tourist searchers Cheapflights and Momondo. Under the deal, the company will enter the trend Priceline after it buys Kayak.
«Momondo and Cheapflights created great products used by loyal users all over Europe. We are looking forward to learn from them and share best practices to the extent that both our brands will expand its presence throughout the world ", - said the head of Kayak Steve Hafner.
We should recall that in November 2016 China's largest tour operator International announced about the idea of purchasing the British website Skyscanner that works with searching for flights, hotels and car rental. The cost of the transaction was ranked at $ 1.76 billion.

Google: how to protect your website from the user-generated spam

Feb 06

Google shared tips on how to prevent spam found in comments and forums. Specialists recommend the following:
• Update the forum software on a regular basis. Pay special attention to updates related to the removal of the security problems. Spammers typically exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of the CMS.
• Add captcha to the website. You can use such services as reCAPTCHA, Securimage and Jcaptcha.
• Block suspicious behavior. Many forums allow you to configure the restriction on the publication frequency of the posts. Such platforms like phpBB, Simple Machines and myBB, also able to monitor excessive traffic with regard to IP-addresses.
• Check the most active commentators daily. If this is a new user on a forum, but has already published a large number of posts it worth checking out his profile.
• Consider disabling comments. For instance, you can disable the very old forum topics, which users will unlikely visit. If you do not have time to regularly review the comments, this function is generally not needed for your users, it is better to remove it.
• Use moderation. Consider the introduction of the rules. For instance, only users with high reputation may publish the references. Or that the references get introduced to public once verified.
• Disable anonymous. Remove the anonymous posting by going to the CMS settings. You can also make sure that the posts made by newcomers get public only after verification.
• Create a black list of words. Block inappropriate comments via spamming words black list.
• Close links by using the attribute nofollow. This will reduce the interest of the spammers when they visit your website. Many blog platforms, such as Blogger add this attribute to the default comments.
• Use automated systems to protect your website. For instance, you can use Akismet.
For more information considering protection of the website from spammers can be found in Google Search Console Help Center.

The number AMP results in Google News is doubled

Feb 06

Over the past few days the amount of AMP-results on Google Mobile News was doubled. This information was reported by data RankRanger.
On January, 25 the AMP content stake on Google News in the US was around 30%. On January, 29, it has been exceeded by 70%:
"The number of articles in the AMP format, which are displayed in the “Breaking news” block in Google search results just “flew up” - said the RankRanger rep, Modi Oberstein.
It is not yet clear what could cause this outburst. Perhaps we are talking about updated algorithm on Google News.
Google press service has not yet commented on the situation.

The costs of acquiring new users went down in December

Feb 06

In December 2016 advertisers’ costs on acquiring new mobile gamers and application users have decreased. This information was reported by Fiksu.
The costs (cost for 1 thousand users) on Android fell to $3.06, whereas in October it was $4.
Cost per thousand on iOS dropped down from $ 7 in October to $ 4.15 in December 2016.
The cost for a single buyer has reduced by 23%, cost per thousand dropped by 31% since November. The cost for thousand is the average amount required for the user to make a purchase or other valuable actions.
Fiksu notes that currently marketers are trying to equally distribute the promotion costs throughout the year. Using this method led to the fact that the holiday season 2016-2017 did not take much expenses.
"Looking back to 2016, it is clear that now marketers understand the value of a consistent, stretched full-year mobile targeting. We also see that many brands spend more diversified campaign rather than concentrate on a single metric, such as the installation "- said Fiksu DSP vice-president Tom Cummings.
According to the report, the iPhone 7 release had a greater impact on advertisers’ costs than the holiday season.
"Reducing costs for thousand and single used explains that the launch of the new iPhone model represents the biggest opportunity for the iOS-marketers to maximize the return on investment in mobile advertising, even greater than the holiday season," - said Cummings.

Google donates $ 4 million to migrants

Feb 06

Google is on the point to donate about $ 4 million to help migrants. For this, the company has created the largest in the history charity foundation. The decision was made in a response to the US President's words to impose a temporary ban on receiving refugees and citizens from the Middle East and Africa.
Half of the amount donates the company itself and the remaining $ 2 million will be collected at the expense of Google employees donations. These funds will be allocated to four organizations: American Civil Liberties Union, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the International Rescue Committee and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
Earlier, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, criticized the controversial decision of Donald Trump to limit immigration. Google co-founder Sergey Brin, took part in the protest, which took place at the international airport in San Francisco.
It was not only Google, but also the leaders of the largest technology companies like Facebook, Apple and Tesla protested against Trump’s decision.

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