Hackers from OurMine committed the "biggest hack in the history of YouTube"

April 23

Hackers from the OurMine group got access to hundreds of YouTube channels and called this event the biggest hacking in the history of video service. This information is reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.
The following message was displayed in the hacked accounts: "Hello, this is OurMine. Do not worry, we're just checking your safety. Contact us for more information."
The attack was set down. Leaks from user data were avoided.
OurMine hacking group hacks the accounts of authoritative users of social networks to draw the attention of their developers to security issues.
"We have no bad intentions. We are just worried about the security and privacy of your accounts and the network," the group's website says.
We should recall that in summer, 2016 OurMine hacked accounts of Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Google does not give a penalty to the websites for using Caps Lock in Title

April 23

Google does not have sanctions for using Caps Lock in the Title. This was stated by the search representative Gary Illyes in response to a question from one of the webmasters on Twitter.
The question was: "Are there sanctions for using Caps Lock for certain words in the title tag?" Illyes answered shortly: "No, there aren’t any".
It should be recalled that the capital letters in the URL also do not affect the ranking of the website in Google.

AdWords adds more info on the Quality Score

April 23

Soon, Google AdWords can start providing advertisers with more information on the Quality Score. This information was reported by Search Engine Land with a link to the post in the Israeli version of the blog Inside AdWords.
The publication described a number of new Quality Score metrics that are launched in the AdWords interface. The post was published on March 10, but, unfortunately, received little attention. For unknown reasons, it was removed March 12. We do not for sure whether Google announced about the upcoming changes in other countries, but this infomation is still kept a secret.
Judging by the date on one of the images in the post, the innovation is tested at least since December. A new section dedicated to Quality Score will include seven additional columns for analysis.
Advertisers will also be able to view data on the quality score for a particular day. The new metrics for the Quality Score will also be available at the manager account level. If this change is triggered, advertisers will be able to analyze trends in Quality Score.
Google's press service on the request for comments has not yet responded.
The enhanced Quality Score statistics became available through the AdWords API in last March.

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